Worship and Creative Arts

The First Cathedral’s Worship and Creative Arts Ministry supports the Worship Experience through artistic expression.  Dance, Drama, and Music function to first give praise and honor to God, then to support the vision and ministry of The First Cathedral.  

The Marketing and Media teams’ purpose is to reach our local and globally fulfill by creating meaningful and impactful content, in order to demonstrate the work of Church and the ministries’ many programs and events.

  • Praises of Zion Choir | Adult Choir | Ages 21 and older
  • TFC Mass Choir | Men, Women, & Youth | All ages
  • Drama Ministry | Men and Women | All ages
  • Men’s Choir | Men | All ages
  • Women’s Choir | Ladies | All ages
  • Generations of Praise | Praise Dancers | Ages 9 and older
  • Angels of Glory | Young Ladies | Ages 4 – 21
  • Instrumental Praise | Men and Women | Prior instrumental experience
  • Marketing
  • Media


  • Music Department: Rev. Talonie Daniels
  • Drama: Pastor LeRoy Bailey, III
  • Marketing: Aisha Petteway
  • Media: Elijah Hooker